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June 22, 2017


Greetings to all members!

This is a special edition of our monthly newsletter.  As you know, we typically send out a newsletter approximately one week prior to each meeting, but there are some topics that I would like to bring to everyone’s attention and some require input/action from you.  Please read and respond!




In the future, all members who have listed email addresses will receive their monthly newsletter by email.  If you have an email address and have not given it to Mary Devoney, please do so as soon as possible. If you have an email address listed in the membership directory, please verify it.  This will be the address we will use to contact you in the future.

As much as we may want to resist, change is part of our daily life.  For those members who do not have computers and/or access to email, of course, we will continue to send you your newsletters by U.S. mail.  If you do have access to the internet but do not use email, the newsletters will be posted to the website every month.  Please see for updates and let me know if you will use this as your means of accessing the newsletters and other information.  You can contact me by email,, or by phone, 630-939-9391.  A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to email usage will suffice if you leave a message.  Be sure to include your name.  Thanks!




Unfortunately, our last meeting in May ended without any consensus on the labor to set up, man and take down a Members’ Tent for the art fair.  Tom Rybarczyk and I, along with the help of some other members and their children, set it up and took it down last year. 

Without Lori Brownstein, Kathy Wolan has more than enough work to do, and Mary Devoney will not be in town for the fair.  Tom Rybarczyk and I are willing to help set up OR take down the tent but we are not doing both.  Just so you know, the real labor is bringing the tent to the park, setting it up along with the panels for displaying the artwork, and at the end of the day, taking it all down and returning it.  Set-up is early, around 7 a.m., and take-down is after 5 p.m. that day.

It’s important to know if any guild members want the tent for exhibiting their art, and if so, we will ask you to help in some way with the labor.  You can help or enlist some physical help from friends or relatives.  If we do not have sufficient volunteers by July 21st, we will not have a members’ tent.  If we do not have at least 5 members who want to display their work, it may not be worth the effort to have a tent at all.  We encourage you to participate!  Contact me, Tom Warnke.  Contact information is at the end of this newsletter.




Joan Zoia has informed me that the paintings submitted for the above exhibit will be on display the week of June 26th.  The exhibition will last until the week of August 21st when artists can go to the Village Hall and retrieve their pieces.  No appointment is necessary but it’s probably prudent to contact Derek to be sure someone will be there.  His contact information is:

Derek Mach, PLA  847-368-5232

His email address is


Bob sold two paintings at the Arlington Heights Senior Center.  Go Bob!


Just an observation from the past year: we have roughly 70 members and it seems that maybe 20-30, at most, show up for the meetings.  It may be that some members are concerned about driving or have other reasons for not attending.  If you need help with transportation, or are unhappy with the programs, please let us know.  Our guild can only thrive with active members.

During demonstrations, some members find it hard to see or hear the presenter.  If you are frustrated by an inability to hear or see what’s going on, please move up front. 


To Joanne and Jim Strong.  I’m told that they have had to move a second time due to Joanne’s therapy and rehabilitation.  Continued positive thoughts for Lori Brownstein.

Pertinent and news of interest can be sent to me at:

or by mail: Tom Warnke, 501 S. Wille St., Mount Prospect, IL 60056



Enjoy the rest of your summer!  Hope to see you at the fair!  If not, we’ll see you in September!



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