Meeting date: November 16, 2017

Time for November’s newsletter already. It’s been a quiet month so not a lot to say.

Following is information and some announcements.


MEETING FORMAT   Please note that we’re starting at 7:15!!!!!

Marcia Kozak will have a Treasurer’s Report available at the meeting for anyone interested.


Treats this month will be provided by Mary Hess, Joan Zoia, Patti Jostes and Marcia Carlisle.



Bob Holmes, watercolor artist.  Following is an ‘About the Artist’ bio that I copied from his website.  FYI, Bob was at the art fair and his work is lovely.

Born in Newton, Iowa in 1958, Bob attended the University of Northern Iowa where he graduated with a degree in Art Education in 1981. He then moved to Illinois with his wife Patti and taught art at Geneva Middle School until his retirement in 2015. While teaching he earned a MS in Art Education and a MA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting from Northern Illinois University. Bob also served with the Illinois National Guard from 1985-1991. Bob has attended workshops with Jeanne Mackenzie, Phil Starke, Tom Lynch, Tony Couch, Tony VanHasselt, and Andy Evansen. He currently resides in the small town of Millington, Illinois where he persues painting full time.

"Although I have never lived on a farm I have always been drawn to the rural life of small towns and farms. As a child growing up in Iowa I remember vividly running around my uncle’s farm with my cousins, or fishing and swimming with friends along a river. As a family we would head out to farms to pick mushrooms on a weekend every April and May. Now, as an artist, I want to invoke feelings of the serenity and happiness I felt from these times. Capturing a quiet and reflective moment of the sun setting on a farm or melting snow along a gravel road as winter begins to give way to spring are some of the things I'm after. For me the graineries and farm buildings are monuments to the hard working and humble people that built them. By painting such scenes I feel it's just my small way of helping to preserve our American heritage."



I think we all enjoyed the I-Pad demo to varying degrees.  It’s not for everyone, but I’m happy to have been exposed to what, no doubt, will be more and more the future of art.



We’re up at this library for the month.  Staff there was very helpful and appreciative of our work.  It’s on two different walls on the second floor and Ann Musolf has pottery in a case.  Go take a look!

For those exhibiting, pick up is at 1:00 pm on November 30th.



Joan Zoia will present information for displaying here during December.


If you know of members who have difficulty attending the meetings due to transportation, let me know.  I can send a broadcast email to our members who might live nearby and are willing to provide a ride. And again, some members find it hard to see or hear the presenter during demonstrations.  If you are frustrated by an inability to hear or see what’s going on, please move up front.


Special thanks to Joan Zoia and Paula Rebbeck for their time and effort to get our work in the public’s eye.

Janet Pawlowski and Bob Packheiser have pieces in the hallway of the Senior Center.  Artists who want to exhibit/change their work in the big room can bring two pieces in on November 30th between 12 and 1:30 p.m.



There is a group of us that will exhibit our work at the Friendship Park Conservatory on April 22, 2018.  This is an event that we are organizing and paying for.  We have room for more exhibitors.  Please contact Tom Warnke if you’d like to join us—we have room for 2-3 more artists--or more information.



The Elk Grove Village Artists’ Association is sponsoring a lecture on John Singer Sargent by artist Juan Ramirez Jr.  This talk will be on November 22nd at 7:30 at the Elk Grove Library.

The Des Plaines Art Guild/Park Ridge Art League will have an oil painting demo by Jon Patterson on November 17th at 7:00 pm.  The demo will be at the Park Ridge location, South Park Field House located at Talcott and Cumberland.



Mary Alice Davis-Schwarz fell and broke her shoulder.  We all wish her a speedy recovery.



I’m not a tech person but usually fumble my way through.  I’ve noticed that some other organization websites and newsletters post work by the members.  Is this something that we want to do?  Let’s get some quick feedback at the meeting.


Pertinent and news of interest can be sent to me at:

by mail: Tom Warnke, 501 S. Wille St., Mount Prospect, IL 60056, or phone: 630-939-9391


PLEASE remember to bring a can/non-perishable food item for the Wheeling Township Food Pantry.



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