January 2020


Arlington Heights Art Guild, P. O. Box 621, Arlington Heights, IL 60006


JANUARY Meeting date: January 16, 2020 

Happy New Year from the Arlington Heights Art Guild! Please join us to welcome 2020 at the upcoming meeting, January 16.


MEETING FORMAT and THE USUAL REMINDERS    Please note that the social part of the meeting starts at 7:15 p.m., although coming earlier is fine. The business part will begin at 7:30 p.m. If you would like a ride to or from meetings, please contact Tara Riley at 847-431-8639 prior to the meeting date. 

Marcia Kozak will read the Treasurer’s Report at the meeting. Also, she will have a Treasurer’s Report available at the meeting for members to peruse.  


OUR 2020 DEMO SCHEDULE Many thanks to Eileen Fogell for her efforts in lining up the following demonstrating artists:  

1/16/20  Peter Thaddeus, Acrylic  

2/20/20  Carol Zack, Mixed media oil pastel  

3/19/20  Paulette Colo, Oil 

4/16/20  Rashmi Ranganath, Acrylic  

5/21/20  Critique


MEETING AGENDA  - General announcements from President Tom Warnke and others. - January artist demonstration, Peter Thaddeus. 


Acrylic– Peter Thaddeus 

Artist Bio: 

As an acrylic painter, I use my soft bristle brushes to tell a story of love and pride in vivid, contrasting colors and strong whimsical line work. I portray a love for life and the magnificent creations this world has to offer, and love of the diverse array of people that occupy our spaces and the relationships they enter into. In my work I celebrate pride in the communities we come from and live in, and pride in ourselves, embracing who we are in bold fashion. 

 In the 20+ years that I have been exhibiting and selling artwork, it has been a privilege for me to paint for many homes and businesses in the form of canvas paintings and murals. Many of these pieces have been customized as I always strive to find ways to meet the specific needs of my clients. In addition to my original acrylic paintings, I offer prints on paper or stretched canvas using the giclee printing process. Giclee prints are available for over 100 of my paintings in various sizes.     Fascinated with the infinite possibilities of color, I am always integrating new color schemes into my work. An indicator of when a piece of mine was created can often be found in the color scheme of that piece. I do not limit myself to one theme in my work - the zest for life that my work embraces is the only overarching subject matter. While I am inspired by so much I see in the world around me, inspiration to me is not a calling to recreate that which I already find beautiful; instead it is an influence on my vision - calling me to create something new.   Peter Thaddeus @thaddeus_art on Instagram Peter Thaddeus on Facebook

MEMBERSHIP If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Arlington Heights Art Guild, you may pay at the January meeting. You may also send your check/membership forms to our P. O. Box, c/o Patti Jostes. New membership forms can be downloaded from the website, and will be available at the meeting.  

OUR GUILD HISTORIAN Please feel free to submit any “historical” Guild photos to Jill Stark, our Social Media Committee Chair and Guild Historian. Jill’s email is in the directory. Thank you, Jill! 

ONGOING and FUTURE EXHIBITS  The Guild arranges for members to display their work at various local venues. You must be a member to participate. Special thanks go to Sue Ciccone* and Paula Rebbeck for their time and effort to get our work in the public’s eye.  

*A hearty thank you goes out to Joan Zoia who recently stepped down as an exhibition coordinator. Thank you, Joan, for your time and effort and enthusiasm! Yours will be difficult shoes to fill!  

And many thanks to Sue Ciccone, who recently agreed to step in as an exhibition coordinator!  

Arlington Heights Senior Center Members may display their work in Program Room 1 for two months or be invited to exhibit their work in the Hallway. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your work seen by many people in the community! Contact Paula Rebbeck for information. 

• The current exhibit (Program Room 1) will be on display until January 9. Pick-up and drop-off is from 12-1:30 pm. This is not our usual exchange day, so please take note. All Guild members are invited to bring two pieces (only) of their artwork to exhibit on the exchange day, which is usually the fourth Thursday of every other month, from 12-1:30pm.  

• Janet Pawlowski and Joan Zoia will be exhibiting their artwork in the Hallway at the Center, from January 8-March 6.  

• Eleanor McDonald will be exhibiting her artwork in the Dining Room at the Center, from January 8March 6. 

• A special exhibition will be at the Senior Center from March 26-May 25. Three organizations are involved in this exhibition, the Senior Center, Thomas Middle School, and Arlington Heights Art Guild. It is, therefore, referred to as the Trinity Exhibition. A reception will be held on Wednesday evening, April 8, from 6-7:30pm, at the Arlington Hts. Senior Center.  

Libraries, Municipal Buildings and Other Our members are invited to display their work at various facilities. Space constraints may limit the number of members. Sign-up information is available at each meeting. 

News About Our Rotating Exhibits … from our President, Tom Warnke:  

“I have good news to share this New Year! Sue Ciccone has agreed to coordinate the rotating exhibits formerly done by Joan Zoia. Sue and I have discussed the responsibilities of the rotating exhibits and feel that it’s only fair that participating members be involved in not only the exhibit opportunities, but also the work that makes them happen.  Anyone participating in these exhibits will be asked to volunteer time for the hanging and takedown of an exhibit.  Sue will handle the sign-up sheets, will contact the venues to confirm times and dates, and notify participants about scheduled commitments. The volunteer for the exhibit will then be at the venue for the installation and take-down of the exhibit.  

This is probably a commitment of 4-5 hours, a minimal amount of work considering the free opportunity given to each of us. Also, with enough participants, no one should have to do this more than once a year. Sue will oversee the calendar, encourage members to look for other venues for our work, and make sure that individuals are following up with their assigned exhibit.  

The following exhibits are on the 2020 calendar: 

• Transitional Care Center of Arlington Heights—January 3, March 6, May 1, July 3, September 4 and November 6.  This is an ongoing exhibit with take-down and install on the stated dates at 1 pm. Artists must agree to a one-year term, and they must exchange their artwork every two months. 

• Friendship Village—Install on Saturday, January 4 at 1 pm, and take-down on Wednesday, March 4 at 1 pm.  Sue Ciccone and Tom Warnke will handle install. We may look for a volunteer for the take-down. 

• Village of Arlington Heights—March through May. Exhibitors must send information about their work to Derek Mach at the Village. Drop-off and pick-up dates are the first and last week of exhibit period. Since the Village hangs the work, no one is required for the installation and take-down. 

• Mount Prospect Library—August. We’ll have the display cases in the front lobby. Annalee Strasburg has volunteered to manage this exhibit. 

• Prospect Heights Library—August. Lobby and all hanging cases. 

• Schaumburg Library—October. Exhibit space to be confirmed. 

• Palatine Library—December. Second floor rooms and cases. (Special note from Sue: this is a tentative location for this year. Remodeling of the library will begin in August and may change exhibition opportunities. We may have to reschedule for next year). 

If you are a regular participant in these exhibits, please do your best to attend the January meeting when we will have sign-up sheets for members willing to manage each event. If you have questions, please contact Sue Ciccone by email, or by phone at 847-271-0866. 

Since we are trying out this method of handling the exhibits, there may be some tweaking along the way. We’ll let you know of any changes. We look forward to your participation!!”    

OUR WEBSITE and MEMBER GALLERY The following members are currently exhibiting their talent in our website’s Member Gallery through February, 2020: Ken Nosalik, Bob Packheiser, and Joan Zoia. If members want to show their work on the Member Gallery, please contact Tom Warnke. Tom will need 3 digital images. 

OTHER ORGANIZATIONS Artists’ Association of Elk Grove Village - September through May, monthly meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Elk Grove Village Library, Main Conference Room, 1001 Wellington, Elk Grove Village. Meetings are free to members, $5 for guests.  

Special Note! Our AHAG member (and Hospitality Committee Chair), Tom Rybarczyk, will be the guest artist at the January 22, 2020 meeting of the Artists’ Association of Elk Grove Village. He will be giving a “Big Brush Abstract Watercolor” demo where he will share three different abstract watercolor techniques. Visit for more information.  

Des Plaines Art Guild/Park Ridge Art League – “Paint & Sip” events are held Fridays from 7- 9:30 pm, at Lake Park Pavillion, 1015 Howard St, Des Plaines. Cost is $30, which includes all materials and artists are encouraged to BYOB. Register through the Park District/adult classes or call 847-293-8431 for more information. Dates: March 27, April 24, May 22, and June 26. Visit for more information. 

Colored Pencil Society of America - Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, September, October, January, February, March, April and May at the Palatine Public Library, Palatine, IL, starting at 1:30 PM until 4:00 PM. Meetings may include demonstrations, mini-workshops, draw-ins, and critiques. For more information, visit contact Sylvia Westgard. 

SOCIAL MEDIA Jill Stark is our Facebook liaison. If you have any questions or suggestions for our page there, please contact her. Jill’s email is in the directory. Our Facebook page is Please LIKE and FOLLOW to spread the word about our Guild and our activities. 

PLEASE remember to bring a can/non-perishable food item for the Wheeling Township Food Pantry. 

GETTING THE WORD OUT Art-related News from and about our Members – All Arlington Heights Art Guild members are encouraged to share their exciting news about exhibits, contests, and other happenings. Please contact Trish Ramsey for inclusion in the newsletter. We can only include local items of interest in this newsletter. However, for information about other events around the country, please visit

• Linda Campuzano displays and sells some of her paintings and notecards at the Popcorn Shop and Covered Bridge Shop in Long Grove. The owner, Eric, welcomes artists’ works of the Bridge. Linda brought in a few she did along with one of the old Long Grove Church, which she was able to sell. 

• Trish Ramsey, Tom Rybarczyk, and Mike Stone have been accepted to have their artwork displayed in banner form along Northwest Highway in Arlington Heights from January through March. 

• Trish Ramsey sold her painting, “Snow Cardinal,” while on display at the Arlington Heights Senior Center. 

• Annalee Strasburg sold 4 paintings while on display at Prospect Heights Library. She sold three oils and one watercolor. She also said that “there were others who expressed interest in purchasing ... perhaps in the future!” 

• Estee Weiss and Marion Sherman displayed their artwork at the Arlington Heights Village Hall for two months, from October 11 to December 31. They each had three pieces accepted for this exhibition. 

DECEMBER, 2019, HOLIDAY PARTY Our first annual AHAG Holiday Party was a huge success! Special thanks go to Ann Musolf and her husband for hosting this event in their lovely home. A wonderful time was had by all! 

SAVE THE DATE A Walk in the Park, 2020, will be held August 30, 2020. Be there or be square!! 

MINTUES FROM NOVEMBER Arlington Heights Art Guild – Meeting November 14, 2019, 7:30pm 11/14/19 meeting opened 7:30 pm— Welcome by President Tom Warnke

a. Summary of demonstration on how to navigate.

b. Reminder of sending photos to Jill Stark for inclusion in Looking Back page.  

c.  Our Holiday Party December 1st at Ann Musolf’s house from 2-5 pm.  Tonight is the last night to RSVP and tell us what you are bringing.

d. Thanks to Jill Stark, Joan Zoia and Bob Packheiser for bringing treats for tonight’s meeting.  Remember to sign up for Treats on the back table

e.  New member work will be on the website’s Member Gallery page around December 1.  Potential members (to be confirmed) are Joan Zoia, Bob Packheiser, Mary Wendt (may need to take photos), Wendy Jacobsen, Evelyn Milano and Ken Nosalik.

f.  Thanks to Linda Campuzano and Larry Freson for work at A Walk in the Park.  Check presentation.

g. Thanks to Joan Zoia for service as Exhibits Chair.  Call for replacement— 2 people to step up to replace Joan ASAP.

h. Arlington Heights banner program: Tom Rybarczyk, Trish Ramsey and Mike Stone accepted. More? 

i. Senior Center Program room is Wednesday

Business and Committee Chair reports:

Marcia Kozak / Treasurer: Balance $1500.58.  Total balance three accounts: $11,190.80   see details on back table.  

Patti Jostes / Membership: newest member Chongim Choi, Marge Engelhardt new member in attendance.

Paula Rebbeck/ Senior Center not present.

Joan Zoia / Exhibits: Thank you to everyone who has assisted with exhibits. 2020 schedule

Rita Molepske/ Scholarships: no news.

Linda Campuzano: A Walk in the Park will be August 30, 2020. Please keep looking for artists to exhibit.

Ann Musolf: Holiday party 2-5 pm. Sign up to bring food.  Buffet, BYOB. Piano is available.

Eileen Fogell introduced: demo artist Maureen McKee, oil painter, from Naperville.  Maureen demonstrated for us 4 years ago. Demo on the process she uses when working from a photo.

Meeting adjourned 8:39pm.

Minutes submitted by Tara Riley, Recording Secretary